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Friday, August 3, 2012

2 Years!

Two years since I have been on this blog. So much has happened. Here are a few pictures of Jonas to catch up! Will post more later!
Disneyland for his 4th Birthday! He had so much fun. His favorite ride was the submarine ride. He was scared at the time but wants to go back and not be scared. :)
At his school's Spring Fling. He paid 5 tickets to have his fce painted like Spider Man. He dresses up like Spider Man at least 2 times a day. Even in the heat, he puts long sleeve shirts on and pants over the suit to be like him...ready for action when duty calls.
Just a cute picture.
At the zoo. Insisted on wearing a safari hat so we could go on a safari. He took the map and led us around.
My little swimmer. He loves to swim and is doing well. Swims all over and jumps in with his vest on. Without he is starting to swim under water and doggie paddle all by himself.
Christmas Eve 2011! I love this picture. I can't belive he has had 4 Christmases already!
Easter 2011. Spider Man jammies, Spider Man basket and chocolate. What could be better?
Loves handcuffs...lounging around Daddy's apartment.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Round 2

We decided to go up one more time before we left. Here is a nice family picture. I look enormous in the big snow jacket I had on.

Chris being crazy and trying to show Jonas how to make a snow angel!

Showing Jonas how to make snowballs!

Sledding down from the top of the hill. Jonas' face was priceless on the way down. He was so scared. But he had fun.

Hangin' at the hotel

Playing in the snow

Road trip to the snow

We decided to take Jonas to the snow for the first time right before New Years. Here are a couple pics we took on the way up.

My cute boy!

After the madness!

Having a sleepover with my favorite cousin Siena.

Playing with my animals with daddy!

Stomping around in daddy's shoes.

My first Mr. Potato Head!

Christmas Night (#3)

Chris' family gets together on Christmas night. We got together at our house this year. He got to open round three of presents.

3 generations of Snow men!

Taking a break to pick his nose. One of his new favorite things to do!

He literally laid across the present to open it.